5 Things to Think about When Replatforming Your Ecommerce System Pt. 5 Employ an Agile Based Strategy

Replatforming Your Ecommerce System

Don’t let the cute video disarm you!

5. Employ an Agile Based Strategy

There is a huge movement now for everyone to go Agile. I can not encourage enough the use of an Agile strategy to deliver a consistent series of iterative development that allows your stakeholders to see progress and be consistently engaged throughout the lifecycle of the project. 

The principles of Agile are simple and straightforward, and can be found online if you are not familiar with the concept. You can even take some online courses to help cement your understanding. Agile, in short, is simply a methodology/mindset that encourages cross-functional skill sets and continuous delivery. 

The actual framework on how you use Agile will be specific to the replatforming project itself, and can vary from one replatforming project to the next.

The biggest reasons why you should use Agile are:

  • Continuous delivery of functional iterations of the project objective, in short increments of time;
  • Visible results to showcase the ROI(Return On Investment) during each iteration;
  • Ability to make course corrections without significant impacts to the project budget and schedule;

And most importantly, a happier team, since Agile gives greater consideration to the well-being of the individual, over simply following processes or using fancy tools.

So what are your thoughts? What are the things you think should be considered when replatforming? Do you agree or disagree with the above? I’d love to hear any and all feedback!

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